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Edittress is about editing stress. When you need help and don’t quite know how to ask, take a spin through our favorite questions below. Talk to somebody who’s been there today…


10. Someone told me what somebody else said about me. It wasn’t nice. Now what?
9. I can’t get a word in without being interrupted. Why? How?
8. How have you handled difficult bosses in the past?
7. I’m thinking about switching careers. What should I do to break in?
6. I have no idea what to do with my life. How did you figure it out?
5. I have a job offer. Should I take it?
4. Can I practice this negotiation with you? (Hint: the answer is yes)
3. My boss just yelled at me. What do I do to make it not awkward?
2. I feel stuck at work. Should I quit?
1. This person is really annoying me. How do I deal?

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