Two co-workers ignoring each other in the pantry

Part of the thesis for online mentorship is encouraging more inter-generational conversations. While high-minded, we acknowledge that there could be many reasons why your Baby Boomer co-worker just doesn’t want to talk. Case in point: language barriers.

So we bounced some millennial-speak off people of a certain age this week. This is what we heard…

10. Adulting – “Huh? Is that a verb?”
9. Chill – “Ugh don’t tell me to chill when I have a reason not to be.”
8. Sorry not sorry – “I don’t get it. Are you sorry?”
7. Basic – “This sounds like a compliment.”
6. Slay – “Is this like killing it?”
5. Swipe – “Like for the uber?”
4. Humble brag – “Ummm…”
3. A.F. – “What? What does that mean?”
2. Fleek – “Is that for photos?”
1. Hey – “Not at work please…”


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