Introspection is hard. It’s easy to think we know ourselves, but the truth is harder to nail down – especially since, as human, you are constantly changing and growing whether you realize it or not. Who has the time?

The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.
-Toni Collette

Even dabbling in the process here will reveal your unique skills, values, and personal characteristics. Plus it may open up new possibilities that you never imagined.

Here are our favorite free resources:

Better Work Life

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We designed these questions to identify the #1 obstacle holding you back and a mentor to help you clear the way. Simple, easy, and fun.


We love this quiz for its directness. A series of questions reveals whether your strongest values are: theoretical, economics, aesthetic, social, political, or religious. Understanding this mix can inform what kind of organization you would be more likely to fit into.


The Meyers-Briggs is an insightful body of work, but pricey. This 25-minute survey focuses on introvert-extrovert tendencies and gives you a snapshot with the option to purchase the full report for your records. From the minds at Psychology Today.


An ancient framework that we’ve written about for the office. In general, it organizes personalities according to 9 personalities, defined by core motivations. Unlike Meyers-Briggs, your Enneagram “type” will not change over time…within each type there is spectrum of healthy to unhealthy behavior.

While we highly recommend in-person workshops for this type of discovery, test can be directional. Just don’t take the results too seriously.

Skills Inventory

A comprehensive worksheet that helps you clarify your unique skill set. Recommend working it over a week to let it sit.

Do You Know The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back At Work?