Edittress is mentorship made easy.

Our mission is simple: to cultivate confidence in the workplace.

Credit: Daniel Carlson Photography

Hi, I’m Meghann, the founder of Edittress: a platform that connects young people with experienced professionals for 1-on-1 consultations. I created Edittress after a long career as an executive in media and management consulting. It was a learning experience. I eventually jumped the shark to become a writer, but felt a strong urge to share my experience with the next generation trying to make sense of the corporate jungle.

The problem with traditional mentorship is that it is limited only to those in-the-know or bold enough to approach complete strangers. This leaves many introverted people out in the cold. And even if you are extroverted, how can you really be sure that person wants to be your mentor? Will they return your email? What can you ask that is truly worthy of a “coffee”?

Edittress removes these barriers. We offer a carefully curated network of experienced professionals at your fingertips. Schedule time immediately. And ask whatever you want. It’s your dime and your time.

Our network includes former management consultants, entrepreneurs, and senior executives across multiple industries. We are growing everyday. Create an account or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Finally, Edittress is owned by women, made by women, and available to everyone. A portion of profits benefits women’s issues around the world. If there is a charity you’d like us to know about, please drop us a line.

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