A mentor hiking in the mountains

Nearly 40% of our users work in technology. So I jumped at the chance to persuade Marjorie to join our mentor network. She is a former senior executive at Verizon where she developed, built, and operated new products and technologies with high performing teams. Today she serves on non-profit boards, advises startups, and inspires me daily with her activism.

Tell us about a mentor in your life…               

I was fortunate that I had a number of mentors in my career who counseled, and sponsored me.  The best were the ones who were extremely candid about not just my strengths and weaknesses, but also how to maneuver through the corporation.  Ultimately, one has to collect these insights and synthesize it into a path that feels satisfying to one’s true self.

Why do you love mentoring?

Mentoring gives me a chance to hear people’s fascinating stories!  There are more avenues and opportunities than ever which may be a bit overwhelming but it’s never boring!  I’m excited if I can lend a supportive ear and possibly offer some thoughts for people to consider.

What do you know now that you wish you knew back then?

At the risk of sounding immodest, I wish I were more confident in my abilities and readiness for new challenges.  I was not particularly ambitious, instead pursuing lateral assignments, advanced degrees and more experience to improve my CV.  Once we started a family, I was sensitive to how others perceived my ability to balance.  I changed roles every 1-2 years based on my interests and love of new experiences which ultimately helped me gain a strategic perspective on the company, and form a broad network.

What’s the best piece of feedback you ever got?

A boss once told me to smile more!  I am very results oriented, and can come across a little intense.  I’m still practicing.  🙂

And your favorite article here?

I hadn’t heard the concept of Enneagram so reading about these archetypes and how each thinks, feels and interacts with the world was fascinating to me.  I’m probably a pop psychologist at heart.

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